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Visit a Local Wineyard

Vineyard Bentomiz

A leisurely excursion is to go up to Bodega Bentomiz vineyard in Sayalonga. Here you get a nice tour of the vineyard with a good description of how the wine is produced locally at the vineyard. After the tour you sample the local wines, and enjoy good flavors while enjoying a fantastic view of the mountains in Sayalonga.

There is also the opportunity to enjoy the vineyard’s 3 or 5 course menu together with the vineyard’s various wines that are paired with the different dishes. The vineyard is known for its fine food and its Araiyanas wine which is now sold worldwide.

It all started in 1995 when Clara and André decided to move from the Netherlands to Sayalonga in Andulucien. They first started to open a language school because Clara worked as a translator at home in the Netherlands. But while they built their new life and style of life, their interest in what had previously only been a hobby and interest opened up, namely Gastronomy. They decided to renovate an abandoned vineyard and start producing local wine and open a restaurant in the vineyard.

After a long renovation work and a lot of work on planting new vines, they got their first harvest of their now famous Araiyanas grapes. They started on a small scale, but with the years gone by, their wines have now been in great demand in the international market and now the vineyard is making wines sold throughout the world.
The vineyard also has performances such as flamenco evenings, live music, food-themed evenings and more.

A visit to the vineyard gives much inspiration that “Everything is possible” while enjoying good wines and food for those who want this.

You have to pre-book your visit to the vineyard, you simply pre-book your visit here on their website Bodega Bentomiz, it takes about 30 minutes to drive to the vineyard from Nerja.



  • Distance from Nerja: 30 km
  • Note! Don´t forget to prebook your visit!
  • Book your visit here

To bring with you:

  • Don´t forget the camera!