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Nerja with its surrounding mountains offer very fine possibilities for hiking. There is everything from 20-minute hiking to full day of hiking. The good thing is that the hike in Nerja starts on the outskirts of Nerja and you reach it by walking about 15-20 min away from the apartment.

Hiking Area on the map below:
San Juan: Located 15-20 min walking from the apartment here you go up to the San Juan de Capistrano and by the end of the area you will see a sign with “Parcue the Natural” here begins the trails and take you up to 3-400 meters altitude above sea. Beautiful and easy acces.

Maro: Located 30-35 min walking from the apartment, easiest to drive in 5 minutes. Follow “Cueva de Nerja” signs
and park to the left of the entrance to the Cueva de Nerja. From here is very nice hiking in the mountains ranging up to about 1500 m. A popular hike here up to ‘El Chielo top “Ask Nerja-Holidays for more info.

Rio Chillar: Nerja’s most famous hiking. Here you walk in a canyon, a small river running through a huge mountain environment. Bring rugged shoes and get ready for a really wet and fun experience, something that you shall not miss while you are in Nerja!

Frigiliana: Frigiliana a small mountain village located 7 km away from Nerja. From here starts many good trail from the outskirts of Frigiliana.

Vinuela: Having to drive 30 minutes to Vienula, so are you up in a nice setting with a lake and surrounding mountains. Here goes hiking and biking trails around the lake, and it offered tapas restaurants and small shops in the village when you come back from the hike.

Sierra Nevada Ski Resort: For those who desire more demanding hikes as you drive 45-90 minutes and reaches higher Sierra Nevada mountains with hiking from 1000-3500 meters altitude. This is hiking in the top class, and it is a perfect opportunity while you are in July to September and it is very hot in Nerja area when you drive up to the Sierra Nevada Ski resort 90 minutes from the apartment and then hike at 2500 meters and higher altitude and has then about 25 degree heat instead of 35 degrees as in Nerja.

The season for Hiking: Hiking can be done all year round in the area, from July to August, it is good to start early and walk the sites with height of 1000 meters, there is normally a little cooler temperature.


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