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Caminito del Rey

Try to go the well-known tour Caminito del Rey, also known as El Camino del Rey. The launch of this historic site has been one of the most anticipated events around Malaga over the past year.

The new trail has made headlines around the world and Lonely Planet has recently nominated the hike along the Caminito as one of the hottest activities in the Malaga region.

The story behind El Caminito del Rey

El Caminito was originally built between 1901-1905 and was used to transport materials and people between two power plants built on opposite sides of the El Chorro gorge. It was not until the early 1920s that it was officially opened by King Alfonso XIII and he laid the foundation for the name it bears today. Since his visit, El Caminito has become one of the more interesting wonders in Spain that offers history and nature in one. The fascinating road and the beautiful surroundings make this activity end up very high on the list of interesting things to do in Andalusia.

El Chorro (La Garganta del Chorro) is a fantastic place with large stone walls that stretch as high as 400 m along a three kilometer stretch. “El Chorro” can be loosely translated as “sprint”, which is exactly what the water does when it travels through the narrow channels of the ravine. The difference in height between the two artificial reservoirs at each end of the ravine creates a unique opportunity for the development of hydropower, an almost revolutionary concept at the time this project was started.

Here at El Caminito del Rey you can see threads hanging along the ravine halfway up the side. The original structure is said to have been built by sailors who were used to climbing ropes and working while hovering above a void and death. Unconfirmed reports have also claimed that many of the more dangerous tasks were performed by prisoners sentenced to death.

The road was built with sand and cement and is held in place by metal brackets. A simple iron railing was introduced along this difficult rock wall and the Caminito that was once known began to slowly become more unsafe every year and in connection with the decay, the risk of accidents also increased. They officially closed the trail in 2000, and this only after several people fell and died in this now infamous place.

The danger and history around the place became legendary and attracted climbers and adrenaline cods from all over the world. Many people refer to Caminito as “the most dangerous road in the world”.

Today you can hike El Caminito del Rey safely

Now a modern walkway has been built above the old one and you can now walk the El Caminito del Rey trail in a safe way. The trail is very popular and they only allow 400 people a day on the trail. Keep this in mind and remember to book your ticket well in advance.


  • To book a ticket on your own: Book here
  • To book a ticket with a guide Book here.
  • It is a full day excursion
  • Note that there are no toilets on the whole way

To bring with you:

  • Hiking clothes
  • Waterbottle
  • Sunscreen and a cap
  • Camera
  • Some snacks or food