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Cueva de Nerja

Cueva de Nerja (The Nerja Caves)

The magnificent Nerja Caves – Cuevas de Nerja – are a series of huge caverns stretching for almost five kilometers and feature amongst the top tourist attractions in Spain.

There are two natural entrances to the caves and one man-made, the latter having been made in 1960 to allow easy access for visitors.

The caves are the formation of karstic cavities, their origin dating back millions of years.

Skeletal remains and cave paintings found in the Nerja Caves indicate that they were inhabited from about 25,000 BC up until the Bronze Age.


  • Distance from Nerja: 3 km
  • The cave has an audio-guided visit through the different chambers of the Cave, lasting about 45 minutes
  • The audio guide is in Spanish, English, German, French, Italian and Russian.
  • Classical concerts held throughout the year in the caves largest hall
  • Buy your entre ticket on there webpage here.

To bring with you:

  • Comfortable Shoes
  • Warm sweatshirt
  • It can be 17-18 degrees in the caves