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Hiking in Rio Chillar

To hike the Rio Chillar is a lovely hike, where you walk in 2 inches deep water in a river with a fantastic environment. You will bathe in the waterfalls and in small water pools. During May to October is this tour very popular. But you can also walk this tour in the off season, here we recommend some kind of neoprene shoes so you do not get any cold feet.

This tour is very simple and gives everyone a lot of joy!


  • Distance from the Nerja: 4 km
  • Hiking distance: From 1-9 km, turn around when you like
  • Do not forget to bring with you parking money in cash (Euros) for parking during peak season

To bring with you:

  • Bring rugged shoes
  • Swimwear 🙂
  • Waterbottle and packed lunch