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About Nerja

Nerja is located 50 km east of Malaga. (45 mins by car or bus)

Nerja is a charming, genuine and beautiful Andalusian small town with whitewashed walls, palm trees, colorful flower groups and wrought iron. The city is located between the Sierra Almijara and the Mediterranean. The city’s location offers stunning views of both mountain and sea.

There is everything from good food, culture, and small hidden beaches and cozy mountain villages. Nerja is also famous for its friendly residents. You can feel safe, where and when you go around the city.

In the center of town is the Balcony of Europe, which is a medieval fortification and extensions to the sea, which in the 1800s was converted into a pedestrian precinct. Historically, Nerja has been a resident of both the Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans and Moors.

The area around Nerja offers a lot of beautiful scenery where you both can hike, bike, climb and dive mm. Nerja is also only 1.5 hours from the ski resort of Sierra Nevada. There are also excellent golf courses nearby.

Nerja have got something for everyone!

Car Rental

When you are going on a holiday to Nerja we can recommend that you hire a car to get the most out of your holiday. When you are going to rent a car we can recommend two options:

Option 1 Malaga Car

You can choose Malaga Car. They have in general a lower price image but has a slightly higher deductible on the insurance and is 3 minutes drive from Malaga airport. They pick you up at the airport in a shuttle bus, and when you leave the car with them, they drive you back to the airport with their shuttle bus. They have mostly new and nice cars and plenty to choose from at great prices.

How it works to hire at Malaga Car:

  1. You book the car on their website home (in good advance in the high season)
  2. When you arrive Malaga airport and goes out into the arrival hall you will see a person in orange T-shirt that leaves a ticket to you and you will then go out to their pick-up for their shuttle bus, they pick you up every 15 minutes.
  3. You come to Malaga Car and here you have a your passport, flight ticket, driving license and credit card (you pay here a refundable deposit of 1000 Euro on the car)
  4. You pick up the car and the car has a half-full tank (and then you leave the car empty) and drive to Nerja
  5. When you are going home, you will leave the car back in the same place at Malaga car and they drive you then with there shuttle bus to the departure hall at Malaga Airport.

Option 2 Avis, Hertz, Europcar

You choose one of the well known car rental companies, they are located at Malaga Airport and have their car garage inside the airport. They generally have a higher price but a lower deductible on the insurance. It works like this:

  1. You book the car on their website from home.
  2. Link: Avis
  3. Link: Hertz
  4. Link: Eurocar
  5. As soon as you have collected your luggage at Malaga Airport you follow the green arrows on the floor, “Rent a Car” and goes directly down to the Rent a Car department.
  6. You pick your car up from their garage at the airport.
  7. You leave the car back to the same garage when you are going home.
Directions to Burriana Beach

The nearest road to Burriana Beach from Oasis de Capistrano area is:

Distance: approximately 600 meter from Oasis de Capistrano

1. Walk through the Oasis de Capistrano area and out to the aqueduct as shown on the below picture.

2. Follow the road along the aqueduct down to the Burriana Beach.

Just follow the main track and do not turn off on any smaller paths.

4. You will see a staircase in front of you, follow this down to the Burriana Beach.

5. Have a nice day at the Beach!

The nearest road down to Burriana Beach from Urbanisation Alhambra area is:

Distance: approximately 1800 meter from Urbanisation Alhambra area

1. Follow the map above down to the Oasis de Capistrano area

2. From here follow Oasis de Capistrano direction above to the Burriana Beach

3. Have a nice day at the Beach!

Directions & Transport to Nerja

Nerja is approximately 55 km from Malaga airport (45 min drive)

Means of Transportation

1. Hire Car:
You take the easiest way to the apartment by renting a car at Malaga Airport, then you also get the most out of your vacation. The roads are good and meet European standards. We can also recommend located 5 minutes from the airport and offers a service to pick up and drop at the airport. Or if you would like to use ex Avis, Hertz or Europcar that are major players in Malaga Airport.

2. Taxi:
If you choose to go by taxi from Malaga Airport to Nerja, it will cost you approximately 65-75 euros each way, It is an advantage to book from home before departure. We can here recommend the taxi company or

3. Bus:
If you want to go by bus to Nerja, take the first shuttle bus from the airport to Malaga bus terminal. At the bus terminal you go to the ALSA counter and buy tickets to Nerja. The buses usually go from stop 38.
Link to buss timetables are available here.

Road Directions to the property from Malaga Airport

You find the directions to each of our rental properties under each property on our webpage, under directions.

Our Rental Policy

This is always included in the rental price of the property:
• Bed Linnen and Shower towels, one set per person. ( You bring your own beach towels)
• Air conditioning for the entire rental period
• Electricity and water consumption
• Wireless Internet access
• Cable TV
• Free parking place for rental car
• Final cleaning on the departure day. (Note: General tidy up will be done by the tenant)

Payment terms on the booking of a property:
• First deposit payment of 30% of the rental amount is made upon booking of the property.
• The final 70% payment of the rental amount payable 60 days before arrival date.

Property Damage Deposit:
• All our properties has got a damage deposit, the damage deposit is paid upon final payment and refunded 7 days after your departure date from the property.

Damage Deposit Amount for the whole stay:
Apartment: 150 Euro
Town House: 150 Euro
House/Villa: 300 Euro

Personally liable for the property:
• Minimum age to renting a property is 27 years old.
• The person who is responsible for booking the property is also personally responsible that the property is returned in the same condition it was picked. Should damage or missing equipment or similar occur, the tenant will pay the full amount of replacing, repairing the damage including any craftsmen cost.

Covid-19 Cancellation Policy
• If Covid-19 restrictions will not allow you to travel in your home country or in Spain you have free change of dates on your booking for 18 months from your original arrival date.

In case of normal cancellation:
• Cancellation that is made more than 60 days before arrival date, we refund half of the 30% deposit payment.
• If cancellation is made less than 60 days before departure date, there will be no refund of the paid amount.
• We recommend our tenants to take out travel insurance

Pets and Smoking:
• Pets are not allowed into any of our properties, due to allergic reasons for our tenants.
• Smoking is of course completely prohibited in all properties and their terraces.

Cleanliness of the property on the departure day:
• Final cleaning is included in the rental price.
• Dish washing and general tidy up are not included in the final cleaning and must be done by the tenant before departuring the property.
• If the tenant haven’t done the general tidy up of the property, so that the cleaners need to spend  time on dish washing or reseting the property, this will be charged against the deposit.

Nerja Climate

Nerja has a microclimate that makes the weather very stable, with 320 sunny days a year. The area around Nerja is favored by, what meteorologists like to call, a micro-climatic bubble. The coastline eastward between Nerja and Motril are called the Costa Tropical. This is because it is only here in Europe that you can grow tropical plants.

In the Nerja area a range of fruits and vegetables such as lemon, orange, grape, mango, sugar cane, almond, chirimoya, olives and avocados are cultivated.

Nerja town name comes from the Arabic Narixa which means “source” or “abundance of water”, Nerja is a natural catchment area of the surrounding mountains, the Sierra Almijara. Mountains also provides another benefit, they protect the area against the cold winds from the north. All this means that the area, especially in winter, has Europe’s best and most stable climate, and it is very green compared to many other areas around the coast.


Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll find answers to our most frequently asked questions in the toggles below.

Can we gain access to our property earlier than 4 pm on the day of our arrival?

It works like this: Our cleaning ladies are responsible for all our properties being completely cleaned and preparing for our new guests’ arrival by 16.00 every day (during the high season, the cleaning ladies have about 5-6 properties to clean per day). The guests then normally have their luggage in the rental car or with them until 16.00 o´clock.

But if the property is cleaned and ready when you arrive:

If you arrive before 16.00 and the property is cleaned and ready and your key code works to open the property with, then the property is ready for your arrival you can go in and use the property before 16.00.

If the property is being cleaned when you arrive:

If you arrive before 16.00 and the cleaning ladies are in the property and clean when you arrive, then ask them when they might be ready with the cleaning and return at that time. While waiting, normally our tenants goes down to the pool area and relax (during high season the bar is open) and there are also toilets and showers that can be used.

If the property is not cleaned and the key code does not work:

If you arrive before 16.00 and the property is not cleaned and the key code at the key box does not work to open with, then the cleaning lady has not been there yet and probably this property is one of the last on the schedule for the day and you have to wait until the property has been cleaned until 16.00 o´clock this day.

Can we stay longer than 10.00 o´clock in our property on our departure day?

Regarding late departure on the departure day, our most common question.

It usually works like this, that you departure your property at 10.00 o´clock on the departure day. You put your luggage in your rental car or at the pool and then you spend the last hours at the pool and use the pool shower and pool toilets until it is time to go to the airport.

Why can I not stay longer than 10.00 o´clock in our property?
Our cleaning staff cleans properties from Monday to Saturday, between 10.00 – 16.00. (Costs three times as much on Sundays after a new rule in Spain)
The cleaning staff normally clean 5-6 properties per day and all properties must be ready by 16.00 to the next arriving tenants. Therefore, they make a schedule to be able to finish all properties by 16.00. We cannot effect which property they take first, many tenants asks for staying longer.

What you can do:
You can prepare everything for departure the property by 10.00 o´clock and If the cleaning staff will come later then 10.00 and clean your property you can stay in the property until the cleaning staff arrives. However, when the cleaning staff comes you have to leave the property and take your luggage with you.

If you want to have the property longer than 10.00 o´clock on your departure day:
If you want to have the apartment with confidence until your departure time on your departure day. You can book the property one day longer. This has to be done, when you make your booking of the property. Not possible for properties with certain change over days. If you do that, the cleaning staff will clean your property the day after your departure between 10.00 – 16.00 o´clock.

We hope for your understanding in this common question!

What do we need to do at the property on our departure day?

Here is a bullet list of what you are responsible to do on your departure day:

  1. You leave the property at 10.00 o´clock
  2. You remove all bedlinen and place your used bedlinen in the foot end of each bed.
  3. Let your used shower towels hang on the toilet, preferably hung up and dry them.
  4. You empty the rubbish and throw the rubbish in the common rubbish bins by the road.
  5. You make a general tiding up of all furniture and other items, so everything is in its place.
  6. You make all the dishes and take them up from the dishwasher and put them back in the kitchen cabinets.
  7. You empty the fridge and freezer, it should be completely empty, do not save anything for the cleaners, they want it to be completely empty. Dry groceries that do not have an open packaging can be saved if you like, all open packaging’s you throw away.

Final cleaning is included in the rental price, so the cleaners will come and clean the property after you and prepare with new bed linen and shower towels for the next arriving guests.

We are arriving on a weekend are there any supermarkets open?

Yes there are supermarkets that have the following opening hours during weekends in Nerja.

Supermarket at Capistrano Village, open Saturday 9.00 – 15.00 and Sunday 9.00 – 13.00

Mercadona Supermarket, open Saturday 9.00 – 21.30 and Sunday closed

Super Sol Supermarket, open Saturday 9.00 – 21.30 and Sunday 9.00 – 21.20

Note! That on special bank holidays are most shops closed in Spain

Which is the nearest way to Burriana Beach and how far is it?

The nearest road to Burriana Beach from Oasis de Capistrano area is:

Distance: approximately 600 meter from Oasis de Capistrano

1. Walk through the Oasis de Capistrano area and out to the aqueduct as shown on the below picture.

2. Follow the road along the aqueduct down to the Burriana Beach.

Just follow the main track and do not turn off on any smaller paths.

4. You will see a staircase in front of you, follow this down to the Burriana Beach.

5. Have a nice day at the Beach!

The nearest road down to Burriana Beach from Urbanisation Alhambra area is:

Distance: approximately 1800 meter from Urbanisation Alhambra area

1. Follow the map above down to the Oasis de Capistrano area

2. From here follow Oasis de Capistrano direction above to the Burriana Beach

3. Have a nice day at the Beach!

Are there sun loungers at the main pool area?

Oasis de Capistrano area: Yes there is sun loungers for rent all year around, price depends on the season.

Urbanisation Alhambra area: No there are no sun loungers for rent at the pool area, but there is a nice spacious lawn area around the pool, where you can place a towel or a blanket.

Shall we rent a car or take a taxi to our rented property and for our holiday time?

For you that would like to see a bit of the surroundings in the Nerja region

We always recommend to rent a car at the airport to transport yourselves to the rented property. The roads are very good and it is easy to park the car at Oasis de Capstrano and at Urbanisation Alhambra.

1. You can easy drive around in the Nerja region or in Andalucia, the bigger roads are very good and easy to find with your gps on the mobile, and there is a lot to explore see more on our webpage under Activities

2. You can also use the car when you buy all groceries at the supermarket, note that we recommend to buy the drinking water at the supermarket.

3. The price on a normal rental car is not much more for a week than for the taxi trip from the airport to Nerja two ways, and then you have the rental car the whole week.

4. For more information about car rental please read more on this page under Information and “Rental Car”.

If you prefer to take a Taxi

1. We recommend you to pre-book the taxi from home so you know the fixed price in advance.

2. You can read more about pre-booking taxis on this page under information and “Directions and Transports to Nerja”.

3. Note that Area Oasis de Capistrano have separate Taxi points to different properties where they stop or pick-up. You find your Taxi point 1 to 5 on our webpage under each property and directions.

Can we drink tap water in the property we rent?

The tap water in Andalusia is possible to drink but does not have quite the same quality as in middle Europe and northern Europe, and can give a little upset stomach.

So we recommend all our tenants to buy all drinking water for the entire holiday. You can buy drinking water in all grocery stores.

Water that you boil is ok to drink as boiled water for cooking. It is also ok to do the dishes in tap water.

If an accident occurs in the rented property, what do we do then?

If an accident occurs and a there is a damage to the property or the properties items, then you have to report the damage to us directly with an SMS that contains one or more photos of the damage and a text describing the damage, it is also possible to call us. Then we assess whether this damage is within normal wear and tear or requires compensation via the deposit.

To be able to maintain good quality properties, we require that all forms of damage are reported to us as above described. If damage should not be reported to us and will be discovered on the day of departure or after the day of departure, it will be automatically deducted from the damage deposit. Because then we do not have the opportunity to fix the damage before the next guests arrives.

Therefore, we want all damage to be reported immediately when it occurs so we can discuss the incident with you and our caretaker before you leave.

We thank you for your cooperation here!