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Cross Country Skiing

Cross country skiing is possible in the Sierra Nevadas normal Skiresort Pradollano – Sierra Nevada National Park

Here in the Sierra Nevada ski resort, Pradollano is a smaller length of runs of 4 km but in Puerto de la Ragua it is excellent conditions for cross country skiing and there are 40 km with tracks.

At the mountain pass between the provinces Grananda and Almeria is the ski resort of Puerto de la Ragua. The area is part of the Sierra Nevada National Park and is less than 100 km from the major ski resort of Pradollano, that part of the Sierra Nevada as most ski enthusiasts know.

The ski resort of Puerto de la Ragua is a quiet area with beautiful scenery and the highest peak is at 2200 meters above sea level and down in the valley of the area it is 2000 meters above sea level. There is both a system of lifts and downhill skiing, as well as a very nice area for cross-country skiing with about 40 km of track. It takes about 1hr 50min to drive here by car from Nerja.


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